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Fetches transfer history of items.

Endpoint (Updated)


You can modify the query string to include fields that you want to be included or not. Refer to the GraphQL Schema below for a full overview.

"operationName": "GetItemTransferHistory",
"variables": {
"itemId": 285,
"itemAlias": "s11b",
"from": 0,
"size": 5
"query": "query GetItemTransferHistory($itemAlias: String!, $itemId: Int!, $from: Int!, $size: Int!) {\n item(itemAlias: $itemAlias, itemId: $itemId) {\n realTokenId\n loomTransferHistory(from: 0, size: 10) {\n ...TransferRecords\n __typename\n }\n transferHistory(from: $from, size: $size) {\n ...TransferRecords\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n}\n\nfragment TransferRecords on TransferRecords {\n total\n results {\n from\n to\n timestamp\n txHash\n withPrice\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n}\n"
Full GraphQL Query Schema


query GetItemTransferHistory(
$itemAlias: String!
$itemId: Int!
$from: Int!
$size: Int!
) {
item(itemAlias: $itemAlias, itemId: $itemId) {
loomTransferHistory(from: 0, size: 10) {
transferHistory(from: $from, size: $size) {
fragment TransferRecords on TransferRecords {
results {


Brief overview of the variable fields for this operation

VariableRequiredData Type

Refer to the succeeding sections for more details about the variables and their valid values


Alias of the Items.

p5, s11b, m9, f4c, a4b, a18a, f6b, s20a, a8b, f10b, a9b, f8b, f8a, s14c, s14b, f8c, s8b, s14a, m10, s9c, s19b, s6b, m12, f11a, s17c, s18c, s17b, f3b, f7a, s20b, s9a, a4a, a2c, s7a, s7c, f4a, m8, s2b, s2a, s15a, s13b, m14, s13a, s9b, p1, a13b, f13c, f15b, s5c, f16c, s5a, s5b, s18b, s18a, s1c, s7b, f2c, f2b, f2a, a14c, f12c, a14b, a17b, a14a, s19c, p2, f1c, f16b, a16b, s4c, f7c, f17b, f18c, f15c, a7b, f5a, f6a, f12a, f13b, s8c, a9a, a20a, a20c, a20b, a10b, f9c, a10a, s16b, a12b, a10c, s3b, s12b, s16a, f5b, f13a, f20c, m15a, s16c, a16c, s2c, p4, f19c, a6a, a8c, a18c, a9c, a3c, f17a, s3a, p3c, a5b, p3b, a7a, f20b, f1b, f10a, a17a, a13a, a12a, a19a, f10c, f15a, a2a, a15b, a2b, s15b, f18a, f5c, a5c, a1b, a5a, f11c, f12b, s1b, s10a, s12a, s1a, s10c, a3b, s11c, a18b, f19a, s13c, a6b, a6c, m15b, a1c, a7c, a12c, s15c, f11b, f1a, s3c, m3, m2, m5, m1, f20a, m7, m6, m4, f14a, s8a, f6c, a15a, a3a, s20c, f16a, f14c, s6a, f9a, f17c, a11c, s10b, m11, f18b, s4b, f19b, s6c, a17c, a15c, s12c, f3c, a16a, s11a, m13, f7b, f3a, a19b, s4a, f4b, a11a, a11b, a1a, s19a, a19c, a13c, a4c, f14b, f9b, s17a, a8a, p3a


ID number of the given item.

Any valid ID of an existing item in the game.


Offset index of the results.

Any integer value. Signed or unsigned.


Size of the result. The max size can vary based on the requesting source.

Any integer value. Signed or unsigned.

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